09 November 2009

Thursday Twitter Trivia at Swagbucks

As the title states Thursday is the day for Twitter Trivia at Swagbucks. If your not registered with Swagbucks you can register by clicking any banner or link on this page.

When the announcement is made to play Twitter Trivia, head on over to and make sure to follow Swagbucks so you will receive the trivia questions.

Search & Win

When a trivia question is announced by Swagbucks be one of the first to answer the question correctly. If you answer correctly and your one of the first to answer the questions correctly you can win lots of Swagbucks .

You can then trade your Swagbucks in for select merchandise and gift cards. Swagbucks has many types of gift cards to choose from and lots of other stuff for all different interests. Whether its an iPod or a Wii to baseball cards and autographed collectors items. The choice is yours.

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