27 February 2010

Searching With the New Orleans Saints

Are you a New Orleans Saints Fan? Do you browse the web a lot? Here is a new way to enjoy the Saints and surf the net while you earn some Saints swagbucks.

Swag has partnered with the New Orleans Saints and created a search site for Saints fans. While you search the web, you earn swagbucks. When you have acquired enough swagbucks you can cash them in for cool prizes. Its fun. Its simple. And best of all its FREE.

Search & Win

So why not give it a try. It costs you NOTHING. Prizes that are redeemed have free shipping too. You have nothing to lose and its a great way to get free stuff without having to fill out surveys or other time consuming garbage like some of the other sites have you do. Just a couple of searches a day and when your bucks start adding up cash them in. Easy as pie.

17 February 2010

A Little Proof Swagbucks Works

Here is proof that I did indeed receive my prizes when I turned my earned Swagbucks in. I cashed in enough Swagbucks to get three $5 amazon gift cards in the month of December. There are couple more I cashed in but it was too late to get them in December so they were credited to my account in January. I did get them and thats all that matters when it is free money. I will post the others a little later.

 While I know this is not a significant amount, you have to remember, it is free. I spend my spare time just generally playing around on the internet and while I'm at it I do a few searches and watch for codes on Swagbucks. So I'm actually paid to goof off.  Not bad deal at all for goofing off.
 If you really get serious and want to earn more you generally have to push for referrals because you will get the first 100 swagbucks that your referrals get from searching also. If you do decide to join please don't forget to go to my referral page before joining so I can get some extra Swagbucks too.